Help us to preserve the human dignity of women and girls in Nigeria

In northeastern Nigeria, the crisis created by Boko Haram has caused thousands of victims and resulted in massive displacement of women, men and children to safer areas. By 2018, 7.7 million people needed humanitarian assistance and 3 million of them were living in a state of food insecurity.

In 2018, we started a pilot project in two displaced people camps in Nigeria. Mainly focused on the safety and dignity of women, the project proposes the formation of women’s cooperatives manufacturing briquettes made from plant biomass. In addition to reducing the risk of aggression associated with harvesting wood for cooking in an area affected by Boko Haram violence, women members of cooperatives have a way of supporting their families and their basic needs. In addition, the cooperatives are becoming safe spaces for these women, where they can find support and access to violence prevention and response services. The impacts are concrete, and to multiply them, we need you!

In order to increase the project’s impact, and protect more Nigerian women, we need your support.

How to help?

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