With its location in the arid Sahel region of Africa and increased soil degradation, the small agriculture-based nation of Burkina Faso is faced with chronic food shortages. Close to 47% of the population subsists without regular access to adequate food and nutrition, and efforts are currently underway to implement strategies aimed at reducing poverty and improving food security for this vulnerable region.

For over 10 years the LÉGER FOUNDATION has offered technical and financial support to three important local partners in Burkina Faso: the Mouhoun Region Agricultural Trade Workers Union (UGCPA-BM, l’Union des groupements pour la commercialisation agricole de la boucle du Mouhoun) in the northwest, the Association For Rural Training and Development (AFDR, l’Association pour la Formation, le Développement et la Ruralité) in the north, and Action For Local Initiatives (APIL, Action pour la Promotion des Initiatives Locales) in the centre-plateau region.

With the April 2015 launch of the LÉGER FOUNDATION’s Mobilization For Food Security Program (IMSA, Mobilisation et action pour la sécurité alimentaire) an enhanced framework for sharing information and resources is taking shape between these three main partners, yielding fruitful results. Strengthening partnerships for a positive impact on food security in local communities is at the heart of our strategy in Burkina Faso. It’s this synergy, combined with a strong organizational framework, which is at the core of every aspect of this exciting initiative.


  • Increased agricultural yield
  • Increased volume of produce to market
  • Improved food access
  • Increased farmer revenue
  • Increased purchasing power for women
  • Outreach to 3000 farmers
  • Total expected outreach: 15,000 people

Technology For Food Security

  • Biofuel generators
  • Wells with hand pumps for safe drinking water
  • Rainwater collection devices for irrigation
  • Drying facilities
  • Storage facilities
  • Local coop markets
  • Wells with hand pumps for small gardens

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