Our priorities in the Americas

In Latin America and the Caribbean, the LÉGER FOUNDATION strengthens partner skills in agricultural production to stimulate economic development and improve food security. The LÉGER FOUNDATION also promotes improved mother-child health, fosters the social inclusion of marginalized women and children, and helps them participate in their own development.


  • Reduce mother-child mortality and morbidity.
  • Defend the rights of marginalized children, teens and youth.
  • Carry out education and prevention projects against prostitution, drug use, and the sex trafficking of street youth.
  • Promote the integration of women in disadvantaged environments through a job creation program and the development of a local economy.
  • Support the organization of farmer groups.
  • Promote citizen participation, especially the participation of women within farming communities.
  • Reinforce the institutional and organizational capabilities of Hôpital Cardinal Léger in Haiti.
  • Provide local populations with technical tools in agricultural production and commercialization through community development.
  • Provide technical assistance and transfer specialized technologies for individuals and communities.