In 2013, the Peruvian government recognized that food and nutritional security is part of the basic human right to life and is therefore a national priority. Actions were then taken to ensure that people in Peru can meet their nutritional needs, anytime and anywhere.

With a presence in Peru for over 30 years, the LÉGER FOUNDATION has supported more than 30 projects in agriculture, education, health, job creation, community financial services, and human rights. The Foundation has also developed a program to support indigenous groups in the Andean highlands, including the dairy production food security project, which has been scaled up as part of the Innovation and Mobilization for Food Security (IMFS) project. The project is also in direct line with the LÉGER FOUNDATION’s partnership approach that fosters solidarity and fairness in all of its initiatives.

Started in April 2015, the Innovation and Mobilization for Food Security project is being carried out in the Andean region of Peru, specifically in the department of Puno near the Bolivian border, which is just a few hours from the IMFS project in Bolivia. This means that existing food security projects can be scaled up to reach more farmers and create greater synergy between partners.

The LÉGER FOUNDATION’s in-the-field partner is CINDES, which is a centre for support and research for the development of farming communities. This recognized NGO has worked in rural areas in Peru for over sixteen years.

Expected results

  • Help a total of 10,000 people
  • Help 2,000 farmers (men and women)
  • Increase in the quality and quantity of dairy production
  • Improvement in the collection, storage and commercialization of milk
  • Improvement in the organizing abilities of associations and federations
  • Improvement in food security

Food security innovations

  • Feed storage
  • Milking rooms
  • Water tanks
  • Hydroponic greenhouses
  • Composters
  • Introduction of adapted farm equipment

Our partners