In Peru, communities in the Ucayali region are found deep in the Amazon rain forest and can only be accessed by river. Producers in this region face several problems: a lack of legal access to land, which limits them to subsistence farming; a lack of markets to sell their products; a lack of product processing methods; difficult access to farm equipment; difficult access to credit; difficulty storing seed; and the failure of local authorities to recognize farming organizations.

The LÉGER FOUNDATION helps women who grow camu camu develop their skills and exercise their rights. Camu camu (Myrciaria dubia) is a small fruit that grows in the Peruvian Amazon that is known for its nutritional value and high levels of vitamin C. For this project, workshops reinforce organizational skills and support production. The project also emphasizes gender equality and strengthens women’s leadership and their proposal and negotiation abilities. Other goals are to create a sectoral platform through a strategic inter-institutional alliance and to help camu camu farmers propose solutions to their main demands in order to improve their living conditions. This project also supports cocoa producers in the areas of organic farming and commercialization.

Expected results

The LÉGER FOUNDATION supports the programs of Agrosalud, the Cooperativa Agricola Reverendo P. Gerardo Côté and FECUDECAVI (the Ucayali peasant federation for the defence of rights and the improvement of living conditions) that aim to:

  • Strengthen farmers’ ability to organize
  • Help farmers find funding for agricultural production
  • Reinforce the industrial agricultural production of cocoa and camu camu
  • Develop sustainable agriculture and independent agricultural production