Partner : Generación (institute of investigation, promotion and communication)

Country: Peru

In Lima, the capital of Peru, street youth live in dangerous conditions, as they are exposed to all kinds of violence and dangers, such as human trafficking, prostitution and drugs.

In the 1980s, Generación saw the need to defend the rights of these children and teens living on the street. Back then, young people were fleeing the countryside and the violence of the Shining Path group. These youths found themselves alone in the public spaces of Lima without any family or resources to help them. Police violence and a lack of assistance from the state compounded these dangers.

The LÉGER FOUNDATION believes in the importance of educational projects to improve the lives of street youth. The project therefore includes many activities:

  • workshops on sexual exploitation and drug abuse
  • awareness campaigns
  • lobbying about the realities of street children
  • support for foster homes for children and teens

The project also includes promotion and intervention activities in the form of music, art, gardening and sewing workshops at shelters for street youth. A comprehensive training program also provides these youths with information sessions on sexual exploitation, conflict resolution, economic initiatives, employability, health, and more.