Our approach

The Léger Foundation is an international humanitarian actor that stands out as an expert and innovative organization in its approach to humanitarian aid. Indeed, the organization favors close partnerships with local organizations in all of its interventions. This approach, now supported by the principles of the Grand Bargain, is an essential avenue for optimizing the response to the needs of those afflicted by humanitarian crises.

Working as equals, Léger Foundation equips its local partners not only to respond to humanitarian crises, but also to develop and empower themselves through capacity building, mentoring and close support.

True to its principles of social inclusion, Léger Foundation’s humanitarian response is focused on meeting the emergency needs of the most vulnerable people, mainly women and girls, but also socially excluded or marginalized people.

Through its partnerships, Léger Foundation has unique access to the most vulnerable beneficiaries, especially those left behind or those in regions where access to traditional humanitarian aid by foreign actors is often difficult, or even impossible. Responding to the Chad Basin crisis in Cameroon since 2016, Léger Foundation is building an expertise that combines its partnership approach with a deep knowledge of the regional context, which allows it to replicate its action in other countries of the region.


Our background

In the past, Léger Foundation’s approach to humanitarian action was rather reactive and short-lived. When natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes occurred, emergency humanitarian aid was offered to our partners and the affected populations in the countries where we were working. Thus, we responded to emergencies in Népal (2015), the Philippines (2013), Haiti (2010-2011), India and Sri Lanka (2004-2005), Honduras and Nicaragua (1998-2001) and in Ethiopia (1984-1985). This experience in first and second urgency gave us an expertise based on more than 30 years of international humanitarian work.

Today, L’ŒUVRE LÉGER’s humanitarian programming is based on multi-sectoral and multi-year responses, moving from immediate humanitarian relief to recovery and eventual improvement of beneficiaries’ conditions through development.