In addition to providing financial support, the LÉGER FOUNDATION also promotes development initiatives by aligning organizations with tools to improve their performance – whether it’s help with planning and strategy, evaluating results, or bringing together organizations in order to share mutual knowledge and expertise. Each year, dozens of organizations optimize their initiatives thanks to the support we offer.

Organizational Support Program (PRO, Le Programme de renforcement organisationnel)

The LÉGER FOUNDATION’s Organizational Support Program (PRO) is offered in partnership with the Montreal consultation firm P.A.I.R. (Planification – Action – Innovation – Résultats). Consultation services may include troubleshooting, strategic planning, and other services that aim to improve the impact and functionality within their organization. Enrollment is voluntary, and all information derived in consultation remains property of the organization, which retains 100% control of if, when and how the information will implemented.

Best Practices And Measuring Results

For any organization to make a strong and lasting impact, it is critical to examine best practices and evaluate results. To this end, the LÉGER FOUNDATION offers the following programs to our partners.

  • Appropr’Images, the video production division of P.A.I.R. Inc.
  • ÉvalPop, a program offered through the Centre de formation populaire (CFP) which promotes evaluation strategies for community organizations.

After a period of documenting results, the LÉGER FOUNDATION Director of Quebec Programs can also assist with further strategies for success.

Sharing knowledge and expertise

Whenever possible, the LÉGER FOUNDATION encourages the sharing of knowledge and expertise among the organizations it supports, and is pleased to provide tools and opportunities for its partner organizations to come together in a context of mutual learning. Details depend on geographical location and available funding.

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